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Strengths & Mindset

Strengths training starts with individual evaluations. Based on desired outcomes, BDI will use an industry-accepted assessment to evaluate strengths, mindset or learning styles, then set up one-on-one coaching, an ongoing cohort or a hybrid plan of self-paced and live courses. Ongoing follow up provides accountability.

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Your BDI Leadership Network team will plan accordingly to work with executives -- one-on-one, via course or through an immersive cohort experience -- with a specific, measurable outcome in mind and a plan for follow up and accountability in hand. Our clients report strengths- based coaching leads to better communication, greater emotional intelligence, higher productivity and more confidence among the people in their organizations.

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Clients partner with BDI in order to develop new leaders or transform existing ones. Clients share their wish list of outcomes such as a positive company culture, functional team environments or mastery in communication. BDI develops a leadership coaching plan based on the individual - taking into account their strengths, any opportunities for improvement and their goals.

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Are you dealing with a dysfunctional team? culture of negativity? Caught in a skillset gap or do you know of a major upcoming change? Your best defense is a great offense! Coaching for Teams is an excellent way of spearheading the mindset & skillset you need developed in the team environment.

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Skills & Strategies

Does an individual, team or work force need to master a new skill? In today's modern economy, entire workforces are expected to morph with the needs of their industry & company. Individuals are expected to evolve quickly and continuously to keep up with industry technologies. BDI can offer large group trainings, smaller cohort trainings or individual one-on-one trainings to develop new skills boosting productivity. Ongoing accountability keeps new skills top of mind and creates an environment of skillset mastery.

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We love to work with individuals -- whether you are part of a much larger organization, medium sized business or a solo entrepreneur -- there is a coaching course, cohort or coaching immersion event that is for you! Be part of the Leadership Network and reach your personal goals while increasing productivity, enhancing company culture and adding to your marketable skillset.

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